The Museum’s Top Brass

Audrey post SHAKA POST copy

You’ve Got Mothra Mail!

Mothra post Mothra Fairies stamp


A Stamp Commemorating the Centennial of Dr. Karshdale, the Museum’s Former Director of Hospitality

Dr Karshdale stamp


A Tribute to Mr. Scurtles

Mr. Scurtles director of security

New Stamps from the Museum

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Magpie Tales: Feline Bones and Eastern Windows

Vet training copy

From the latest Magpie Tales

Such mastery of feline ways had rarely been witnessed.

The lean legs and arched back seemed to echo those of his four-legged companion.

A self serving warmth drew in his admirers that was rewarded with a slinking loyalty that could react to a compliment with a sudden dash to the top of the fence.

All the praise could be bundled in a petite thimble and crushed into angel dust that he might sprinkle on a crisp little tea biscuit, or fold a warm embrace and then spit it back — a moist moth retreating from a sweater it had been feasting on all summer long.

His departures were frequent and unannounced, as were his returns greeted only by the ticking grandfather clock counting down the minutes before dawn.  A gold leafed tea cup with a barely visible crack was the only clue he might leave behind.

His life could always be mirrored back into that of the cats who always clustered around him, his appeal like an angora comforter that called out for kneading paws and long mornings of sunning in the eastern facing windows of the dusty chateau.


Not Part of the Museum’s Collection, But We Hope to Have It on Loan Soon



Bad Rooster Begins His Saturday Night Debauchery

Bad Rooster at Dorney Park


Tel Aviv’s White City, Bauhaus Paradise of the Mideast

Tel Aviv White City


Kabarett Reisepass

Kabarett Reisepass