About the Museum

What began as a blog named Junk Thief in 2006 has evolved to become the Shattering of Time, the Official Site of the Museum of Unclaimed Ephemera.  It is a mix of fact and fancy.  Many of the exhibits I created, many I have collected.  They are all here to be shared, and I welcome connection and comments.

5 responses to “About the Museum

  1. Hey Gregg…many thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes, I’ve heard that y’all have your own SCRAP, as we do…a great place to visit on a regular basis. San Francisco also has their own artists who work at the city dump, gleaning as we do. In fact, Portland has used San Francisco’s program as the model. It appears that the artists in your area actually work for two months, forty hours a week and are given studio space right there in the area. We “glean” anytime we want to for six months, bring our stuff home, and create work for our big show in Sept.
    I’ve enjoyed looking at your blog…wonderful collage work here!!

  2. Hi Gregg,
    I Like pokin’ around your blog, much like I poke around thrift stores or bazaars. I just read and thoroughly enjoyed “Elsa Lanchester Herself.” What a woman! What a life! What a family! If you haven’t read it, head to your local library today. Would you, by any chance, have any Elsa mp3s? I’m curious about “Elsa Lanchester Songs For A Smoke-filled Room” or “Elsa Lanchester Herself” (on Verve); do you have either of these or anything Elsa to post? I’d love to hear the woman. Thanks! James

  3. Super-neat headers.

  4. Hi Gregg,
    My name is Martha Cluett. Please email me at:
    (No I am not THAT Martha Cluett, but I suspect my husband is related to George and just wanted a little more information about them.) I am doing a little bit with Cluett genealogy and was surprised to find someone with my name still alive, and not buried somewhere in Greenland.

  5. so glad to have found this – overwhelmingly delightful – i can’t wait to really dive in! fantastic collages!

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