Kaiser Time


The short lived Kaiser Wilhelm Air was one of those things that soared in concept but floundered in execution.


The first class lounge of Kaiser Wilhelm Air was noted for subdued elegance, impeccable service, and being served a warm Kaiser roll and cold stein before you were even asked to fasten your seatbelt.


Although they consistently had a remarkable record of being the only carrier in the industry with a 100% on-time record, anonymous customer satisfaction surveys for Kaiser Wilhelm Air described service as being “cold” and “stern”. Further, there were complaints of their practice of shooting down any planes that got in their way as appearing to be “aggressive”.


Although Kaiser Wilhelm made a gallant effort to pursue a number of personal relationships during layovers in San Diego, the hub city for his airline, he never mastered the laid back approach so necessary to being a player in Southern California.


Perhaps nothing was more awkward for Kaiser Wilhelm than when he was asked to join members of his western hemisphere airlines crew for the dreaded beach party.


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