Hanging out with Sketchy Characters


I always have a great time attending the monthly San Francisco Correspondence C0-op meetings, and I have been a member for about two and a half years.  The one held this past Sunday was a great example of how much fun and inspiration they provide.


Gina Visione designed this month’s artistamp.  As her mail art moniker suggests, she works with the visually impaired.  Her gorgeous stamp included Braille for “mail”.


The activity for this month was to share examples of art journals and sketchbooks.  We have a lot of great talent in the group, and this was a great peek into how members get inspired and document ideas, pen samples, great images in their daily life.


It was encouraging to see how others work and get feedback on each others’ journals.


Bad Rooster came again as my guest, and he enjoyed meeting Rebecca Kohn’s guest Gaston.

20160821_135407There were several first time attendees who learned about us at the Letter Writers Alliance social held last Friday.  One brought a vintage Smith Corona typewriter.


And, as usual, there was an interesting selection of interesting ephemera and oddities.  A handy guide for boudoir posts, for example.


One response to “Hanging out with Sketchy Characters

  1. Found your blog through Pamela Gerard’s blog! Look forward to following you!

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