Before Dawn

Mother 2

I am certain I saw you last night in that hazy spot before dawn and the sound of the alarm.

Mother 1

That familiar silhouette embraced by four photo squares in so many albums seemed so present and alive.

Mother 3

I was shocked to realize I could still feel the sensation of reaching for a hand that seem to be so far above my head.

Mother 4

At the moment that path of safety seemed to have no ending, that it would continue forever beyond the horizon.

Mother 5

Why did I not say more that moment when I turned and realized the familiar silhouette was becoming one of a stranger.

Mother 6

That hand was no longer high above my head, and I wished my own grasp could do more than provide steadiness in that moment that already feels so long ago.

Mother 7

It was not a question of letting go of clasped hands but recognizing that the path of safety was not eternal.

Mother 8

With the dawn approaching, I remembered that even muted light is still light and what I saw was more than a dream.


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