Collage Class Summary

Drawing with scissors

On Wednesday, I completed my five week collage class at the City Collage Fort Mason campus taught by Lorna Stevens.  I can’t say I was particularly pleased with any of my completed assignments, but I feel the processes used will be of use for future efforts.  And I enjoyed taking the class with fellow San Francisco Correspondence Co-op members Dorothy Yuki, Pamela Gerard, and Monica Lee.  Above is my first week’s effort using the theme “Drawing with Scissors”

Existing images 1

Existing images 2

By the second week I felt a bit more at home with the process and the assignment of using existing images.  Getting three dimensional felt much more familiar and comfortable to me.

Stoller 1

Stoller 2

The third week artist Kurt Stoller spoke, and we were asked to “channel” using the theme of “Considering Abstraction”.  The top piece was the one I was most satisfied with since it was different from my usual pieces that tend to be a bit too literal. It got towards the approach of Kurt Schwitters of focusing on textures and shapes more than trying to have a literal narrative.



The fourth week we were assigned the task of landscapes and cityscapes.  I used crow images and photos I took in my neighborhood.


The final assignment was to consider public places, and I titled mine “Kaiser Permamente’s Vision of San Francisco, imagining him not as a health network but an eccentric royal who as a rival of Emperor Norton. I hope to take future classes on the topic, including one on assemblage coming up later this spring.




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