Then and Now VIII: Montgomery Solitude

Market and GrantWhen I lived in New York, my favorite time of the week to visit Wall Street was Sunday morning when it was almost vacant.  The San Francisco Financial District is much the same that time of the week, with the few people there seeming to be on their way to North Beach, the Embarcadero, or Chinatown.  Last Saturday, I started out at Market and Grant (above in 1934), and then I headed north and east to Montgomery.IMG_6959

Sacramento & Montgomery (Anglia Bank)At the intersection of Sacramento and Montgomery (above in 1918) the buildings in the foreground are much the same.  Instead of the Bank of Italy towering on the left, we now see the Transamerica Pyramid.  The building on the corner is the Anglo Bank Building.IMG_6967

IMG_6974 Built in 1910, it’s Doric columns are attractive, and here is a bit more history on it.

Seagram's buildingJust to the north at 520 Montgomery is what was the Seagram’s Building (Seen above in 1936.)  I never knew we had our own Seagram’s Building and have been unable to find any history on it.IMG_6973

Montgomery and CaliforniaDown the corner is Montgomery in California.  I love the stylish woman above from 1922.  I wonder if she is heading out with her stock broker for lunch.  The Logan & Bryan sign is long gone, but it does seem to be the same arched doorway on the left.IMG_6966

Montgomery and Pine

Here we have Montgomery and Pine (in 1924 above) looking east towards Market.


Montgomery Looking up from Pinearking in the city can always be a challenge in the city, but I don’t envy those in 1949 trying to navigate a space here at Montgomery and Pine.IMG_6964


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