Magpie Tales: Shabby Chic

Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, Bonnie Beechler copy

We get a sneak peak of the September issue in this Magpie Tale

How vested are we in embracing the true wabi sabi?

The empire in decline has its remaining charm.  A wounded lion still ever proper at high tea as penniless earls dish disdain with such polite sneering.

The print medium is on life support.  And how does a woman in her 60s approach the next decade with the appropriate grace?  Are there sunglasses large and dark enough to mask reality.  It has become a post-modern strip tease, like Sally Rand waving her fans though now giving a hint of a glimpse of the face of a woman of a certain age.

Decline and decay are the nurturing elements of the compost bin that give birth to new life.   Such elegant living demise, some embrace it while others fight with fierce denial.  Where, then, are the parting fireworks to let it be known that a final chapter has been written?  Or let this tattered room remain as a time capsule to be discovered at some point centuries later.  Sleeping beauty cannot be roused, and we know that we must lie down next to her at some point.


8 responses to “Magpie Tales: Shabby Chic

  1. what would Martha do? Well done!

  2. Time capsule …Wabi-Sabi for sure…haha…~ witty one

  3. Nicely done….thanks for sharing

  4. Now this I like. =)

  5. Anna W. once said this “It’s all about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten” Obviously she didn’t know about your time capsule theory ….

  6. A good point, Helen. Now that Elaine Stritch has relocated back to Detroit she might give Anna a tour. I’m picturing those old Pontiac and Oldsmobile plants being converted into fashion runways with Elaine belting out “And I’m Still Here!”, not a bad theme song for Detroit, actually.

  7. Time capsule indeed, great idea.

  8. I burst out laughing when I saw Anna Wintour…your stuff always a treat…

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