Then & Now Part IV – Noe Valley and Buses, Bread and Baseball

3969 24th Street 1941


I was in Noe Valley this morning, and it seemed like a good chance to do another round of Then and Now photos.  The photo at the top from 1941 of 3969 24th Street is fascinating on several levels.  I count 13 house painters at work.  Did they manage to do the job in one day?  And look at that collection of hats in their “audience”.  And why did it draw such an audience.  I suspect this was taken before December 7 of that year when global issues drew more attention than house painting. What appears to have been a private residence in 1941 is today a dental office — complete with a rare pay phone outside.

Diamond at Elizabeth 1940s


A couple of blocks to the west and north are Dolores and Elizabeth Streets intersecting, looking north to the Castro.  Also from 1941, the original shows that besides trees and the removal of the 7-Up sign, the basic architecture has remained the same.

1021 Sanchez 1978


Then over to 1021 Sanchez, seen in the upper photo in 1978, the year of the Moscone-Milk assassinations and the Jonestown massacre.  The growth of trees is again the big difference.




This Presbyterian Church called the Noe Valley ministry is being renovated, and has a long, interesting history.

25th and Dolores 1945IMG_6537

A list shot in Noe Valley is at 25th and Dolores, looking west towards Twin Peaks. The upper photo was taken in 1945.  Today the main changes are trees and the addition of Sutro Tower.

17th and Bryant 1964 bus barn


Heading back to my neighborhood, there is the upper image from 1964 of the MUNI bus lot and barn at 17th and Bryant. Bus styles have obviously changed, and the building on the upper right is KQED’s broadcast building that was not there 50 years ago.

17th and Bryant 1964


Taking a turn at the same intersection to look to the northwest, there is the Oroweat baking building seen in the same year that appears to have been razed or given a haircut to house the current Oroweat outlet.

1525 Bryant 1964


I have always thought that the U-Haul two and a half blocks north at 1525 Bryant was a fairly striking building worthy of a more stylish tenant.  And, the upper photo suggests that this neighborhood was a baker’s row back in its day.



The upper photo of Seals Stadium in 1958 was taken the year before it was demolished after the arrival of the Giants and the rise of Candlestick Park.  It was home of auto dealerships until the construction of Potrero Center, a little bit of suburbia in the Mission that seems to have gone hill in my 17 years in the area.

21st and Harrison 1994


Finally the last photo of 21st and Harrison shows it above in 1994, and it’s how I remember it appearing when I moved her two years later.  The building on the corner was surely once a retail spot but has seemed to be a gallery and/or residence for as long as I have lived here.  The contemporary photo suggests that somebody got a great deal on gray paint and decided to share it with the neighbors.


2 responses to “Then & Now Part IV – Noe Valley and Buses, Bread and Baseball

  1. It’s crazy how much has changed and stayed the same in 50 years. Those buses are so cool looking. I don’t know how they’d run today but I’d love to ride in one.

  2. The Noe Valley Ministry is working on a new website to coincide with the building renovation. While the renovation is in progress, we can’t get new images of the building exterior. Would it be possible to temporarily use some of your images on the updated website until we can get updated exterior shots? We’d very much appreciate it.

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