Ex Postal Facto Day III: The Eternal Network

20140216_141633[1] Day three of Ex Postal Facto was a bit overwhelming with so much rich information  from two terrific panels at the San Francisco Library.  I took nearly 40 pages of notes that I may try to write up later, but here are just a few highlights.

I invited my friend Lloyd Stensrud, who ended up knowing Anna Banana (in the center picture above with Dame Mailarta on the right whom I met Saturday).  Anna was part of a panel called A Brief History of West Coast Mail Art.  It was like an encyclopedia of nearly half a century of the evolution of mail art (previously called correspondence art).  Anna said that she thought mail artist are a lot more fun and bring more joy to it instead of taking it so seriously. Origins can be traced back to 1968 when artist Robert Filliou called for The Eternal Network with the goal of artists connecting and being mutually supportive.

20140216_143348[1]A second panel was called Artistamps and Their Makers: The World in Miniature.  All panelists were terrific, but I have to single out Harley who has a wonderfully wry delivery, and his collection donated to his former Oberlin College in Ohio is a treasure trove

Harley & Friend20140216_155947[1]

Harley had the best quote of the afternoon about mail art that he attributed to one of his mentors, Joel Smith: with mail art you can always have a museum in your wallet, and during war time you can cross borders.


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