More Now and Then in My Neighborhood

Shotwell and 20th - 1887

A much needed light rain came to our neighborhood this morning, and it seemed like a perfect day for a long walk and continuation my then and now photos.

Shotwell has always one of my favorite streets in the Mission, with some of the most historically consistent buildings in the city.  The iconic photo above is chronicled in this great blog about other sections  of the street.  The historic stick houses with their elevated yards remain much as they did more than a century and a quarter ago, having not had garages added or the street widened.


A few doors up is the view of 20th and Shotwell below.

Shotwell & 20th - 1887I

Is this, in fact, Shotwells, that claims to have been in business since 1891?  They offer this history of the spot.


IMG_6438 IMG_6437

And I love this interior shot from its past:

Shotwell enlarged 2

A few blocks south, and there is this 1906 shot of 24th and Folsom.

24th & Folsom - 1906

In the contemporary view I can’t find anything familiar, but I like the idea that Local’s Eatery might be in the same spot that used to be the Oyster lunch counter.


Just to the East between South Van Ness is Cypress and 24th seen in 1958Cypress and 24th - 1958

Today it hasn’t changed much.  Still a nondescript alley.


If you look closely, you can find the remnants of the old “Mission Railway” and industrial corridor.  This train chugs along at 22nd and Folsom in 1907.


Today, the odd and enchanting Atlas Stair Building sits on the spot, with remnants of the railway seen on the left of the building.




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