Magpie Tales: Through the Window

Salient being

Looking into the window in this Magpie Tale

All salient beings peer through a window, at the world outside the fish bowl, or the cake beneath glass.

How many clever monkeys feel the need to save the fish from drowning or the bird from falling?

Salience can bring emotion and even compassion but not always comprehension. Eyes meet and lock but do not always share a common understanding.  Predator or pretty, cake or wolf?

The wave of a hand, two chimpanzees hugging.  We only meet at the edge of spaces; light is only precious during dark intervals.


7 responses to “Magpie Tales: Through the Window

  1. If I stare at darkness long enugh, I can “see” light. You are RIGHT! This poem goes much deeper than most on this topic.

    If you get to mine–please note that it is the window doing the narration.
    You write good.

  2. By “deeper”, I may have meant in a political sense???

  3. This is simply amazing …

  4. Exquisite last line.

  5. Yeah. It can be a little tricky to tell what’s what and who’s who. We’re all looking through that glass darkly, you know.

  6. Wow. I chuckled when I saw what you had done to the prompt, but I’m not chuckling now. So well done.

  7. You are a clever monkey…

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