Shattered But Not Gone


For some time it has felt like I should retire or change the name of this blog.  After nearly eight years, “Junk Thief” just doesn’t fit my reality. Much of the snark and irony that led me to launching it nearly a decade ago no longer resonates with me.  But I haven’t been able to completely let go, even if my readership is minimal.

So changing the blog name and eventually my moniker seemed to make sense.

The Shattering of Time is a term that came up in a video a friend and I made a few years ago.  Proust wanted to regain time, and I want to shatter it.  Or I fear it being shattered. There is always too little or too much time, always lingering too long or fleeting when you really want it.



My silly collages posted here regularly reflect some of my concepts of the shattering of time — characters who never met who are brought together to define a reality, a bubble of time.  Like thoughts floating down a river as if they were leaves from unrelated leaves.


Thus, the departure of a year felt like a time to make that process of change, tiny champagne bubbles certain to burst before our eyes can clearly focus on them but they were still there, part of the event.


One response to “Shattered But Not Gone

  1. Somewhere in the new millennium ‘life begins at forty’ morphed into ‘forty is the new twenty’. I am so old at this writing, I can’t say that I remember if either were true at the time I reached that two-score milestone. It was, I recall vividly, an arduous ascent to climb its peak from the rather deep valley I’d been living in the year or so before. Towncommons Massachusetts had been my home for almost six years, after leaving NYC behind. Alejandro had been my caring life partner for nearly a dozen years. And after unsuccessful attempts at launching two different careers, I’d gone back to college to finish a degree in Education while working full-time in merchandising for a national chain of young men’s clothing stores.

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