Magpie Tales: History’s Scramble

1950s-family-at-Christmas-007altered copy

This Magpie Tale is confused by the winds of history.

Whisked in on the indifferent wings of the Angel of Chaos,

the family is confused, constructed and displaced.

Adrift, adroit, adjusting to the Playground of Danger

and trying to understand the meaning of the season’s rituals.

They speak the language, they recite the scribe’s texts

just as they are written, but are they magpies or mockingbirds?

Squeezing out the juice from the fruit from the mulberry bush

they hope to disguise their identity with a new pigment on their flesh.

What odd chateau have we found here on the sands of

a mysterious river that tries to project meaning onto history?

What is history and what is myth?  What fictions did the cave

dwellers etch on the walls of their windowless abodes?

We grasp for meaning but it melts in the hot embrace of our curious palms.


5 responses to “Magpie Tales: History’s Scramble

  1. excellent- you have perfectly caught todays world with all it’s flaws and imperfections…

  2. I love how boldly you hold the baby 🙂

  3. I love what you did to the image and good story. I don’t like your ad where it is, I thought you had read your entry and I clicked on it to see it but it’s just an add. Do you like an add at the end of your work? Not judging at all either! Lol!

    • I have to upgrade to a paid application to not have ads appear which I will probably do in the new year. Though I actually don’t see them when I check the page using Safari.

  4. You look amazingly like Gary Cooper…Happy 2014 Mr. Thief!

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