Darwin’s Nightmare

Darwin's nightmare

Our vacation to the Galapagos provided some encounters not mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide but came courtesy of the Magpie Tales.

If they could fly.  Not that the thought had not crossed my mind more than once.

Dwelling in possibilities is not always a comforting abode.   Imagination can take us down some paths that leave us ill at ease until we realize its normality.

The zone between normality and Normalcy are like a city divided.  Calvin Coolidge, that dull old Yankee trying to take the nation back to a sense of normal that never existed.

The fog ahead can be friend or foe.  We only know for sure when the winged figures crash into our windshield, hissing and grooming themselves as we try to soar above the clouds.  It’s always sunny up there.


4 responses to “Darwin’s Nightmare

  1. I rushed here to see the photo good hook! Lol! I like it, very fun! Love the photo too, I almost wish cat’s could fly anyway.

  2. OMG ~~~ great enhancement. The zone between normality and normalcy … twilight!

  3. Crazy pic…lovely write…love your imagination…

  4. good heavens! that is a nightmare indeed. Think of the clean up alone

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