October Slip


We do not fully understand things until they are slipping away from us.  I heard some variation on that in a radio interview yesterday.  I’ve already forgotten the author to whom it was attributed.  But it slipped back to me in remnants as I did the evening basenji walk and saw a magnificent sunset that I wished I had captured with a real camera instead of smart phone.

20131006_183506[2]Light and seasons are always changing, but they are never as dramatic and beautiful as they are in early autumn that soon accelerates into winter.

California really doesn’t have a winter, just a wet season, and it never gets cold.  But the mood shifts ever so slightly.

20131006_185332[1]These shifts always bring me back to mortality and the fleeting, slipping nature of human relationships.  And, by contrast, I think of the solidarity of animal bonds.


Animals are certainly grounding forces, bound to us by a certain dependency and independence.  Basenjis are an appropriate match for me because of their relative independence.  Yet we meet at the edge of spaces, on that plain where things are always slipping away.



One response to “October Slip

  1. Jake and I had our ups and downs, but there was never any doubt about our commitment to each other.

    What beautiful pictures!

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