Seven Years


It was on this date in 2006 that I launched my first “official” blogpost.  That was, shall we say, “on another network” (Blogger.  I transitioned to WordPress two years ago.)

I went six months or so with nary more than two or three comments a month.  Then I slowly built an audience and started following a number of fellow bloggers and had a number of blogger meet ups, many of whom I still stay in touch with.  Things seemed to peak around the middle of 2008, and then I slowly slipped away from it, thinking of calling it quits at times but never quite ready to do so.

Pho release

It could be the Twitter, Facebook, YouTube effect.  And at one point I was so ludicrously obsessed about “branding” that I maintained a JunkThief YouTube channel, Twitter feed and MySpace site.

My launch of the site was at a time of numerous transitions and milestones.  It came two weeks after my dad died, two weeks before my 50th birthday, a week before one of my cats that had been with me nearly 20 years crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

More changes came along the way, and I have become increasingly distracted from blogging but have lately been drawn back to its appeal.  Longer reflections than snarky Facebook updates, more private, more contemplative.  A return to writing essays and reflections that I didn’t do that much of when my transitions of seven years ago were happening.

I’m now nearly my 57th birthday and at a different place than I was in 2006.  The world is very different as well.  I feel more a part of the forest than needed to be the solitary redwood.

The smell of sea


One response to “Seven Years

  1. Happy anniversary. You blog is unique and one of those that I look forward to the next posting. Celebrate those milestones. Keep the good stuff coming.

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