Magpie Tales: Passing and Passengers

passing place steven kelly copy

Fancy meeting you in the latest Magpie Tale

Lo, that we cross together at certain points —

a dangerous road we fear charting alone and

hope there may be a hand, a stranger’s hand might

be preferred, to help us cross.

But we ultimately do it ourselves, even if we are

dragged across to the other side.

The ribbon of roads are ever out there, freeways and foot paths,

each a passing place where we are most likely to chart a course

with strangers with whom we do not interact unless we

collide or we honk or swerve and curse at them for not

sharing the path the way we think is appropriate.

And then that path is left behind, witnessed only by

the little ticky tacky hillside homes that peer down on

this asphalt amphitheater of daily little dramas, crashes, sirens,

gurneys, and mops to clear up the blood.  And then a

new stage set and ballet will replace it for the next melodrama

to fill the void.   But mostly it is banal, re-assuring rhythms

of commutes and shopping journeys.  A river of souls in

little metal boxes wheeled off to somewhere, whisking

away the quiet with an eternal buzz and rubber fizz.


5 responses to “Magpie Tales: Passing and Passengers

  1. After I read the first stanza I understood why the chickens were in the picture…as always, your quirky creativity satisfies…

  2. Nimble and quite skillful…

  3. … those chickens know a friendly face when they see one.

  4. very very good….thanks for sharing this

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