Sivard on the Horizon.


A few years ago, I came across a treasure trove of back issues of Horizon “magazine” — a hard cover art periodical that figured prominently in my formative years.  Originally published by American Heritage, it shared that periodical’s hardcover format, a sign that it was a “keeper” and featured no ads.  It was published from 1958 to 1989.


My maternal aunt subscribed to both, and I loved sitting in one of her blue leather wing back chairs and learning about US history and the arts.  I had my first exposure to Proust, Gaudi, and Bosch through Horizon.


And it also featured a number of lesser known or downright obscure artists and illustrators.  A great example is Robert Sivard, whose works are some of the most charming of any American painter.  img142a


Besides the website in the above link there is not a lot out there about Sivard.  No retrospectives that I’ve seen, no books on Amazon.  How did this terrific artist manage to slip under the radar screen?  I an compelled to learn more about him, and might post the full Horizon feature on him since it appears no one else has.



2 responses to “Sivard on the Horizon.

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  2. Horizon is partly responsible for my career. Please post the essay about Sivard…

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