Fancy Meeting You in the Mid-Century

Ashley Havinden book 2

There seem to be so many treasurers from the unknown past that it is sometimes hard to live in the present and think about the future.  Reading a review about Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine in New York magazine I was struck by the comment that his movies have no musical reference after 1960 and no movie references after 1970.  It made me worry if I am guilty of the same, having spent nights of the past few weeks transferring LPs to MP3s of Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Mahler and Mozart and watching William Wyler’s The Good Fairy from 1935.  At least I have also been watching Orange Is the New Black, so I have at least one toe in the 21st Century.

But every week I find some jewel from the past that pulls me in and feels so fresh and new it’s hard to believe it’s from 50 to 70 years ago or “Mid-Century”.  And when, exactly, was that wretched term coined?  Wasn’t the Civil War also Mid-Century, but just a different Century.

I have heard of Ashley Havinden before, but I was thrilled to find the book above about him today at Alley Cats Books.  Mr. Havinden has a decidedly Mid-Century aesthetic but with a quirky “British accent”.  I look forward to delving deeper into his work, life, and circle.

havinden portrait


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