Time’s Tiring Measures

Cost u less

Bolstering is still not quite the same thing as ball stirring.  Waking up from a dream of eels slithering from every faucet and all my dead relatives making demands of me — message to be send and food they cannot find where they are.

Waking can be more restful than sleep.

The average life spends only 12 years at work and 25 years sleeping.  Dreams are refuses to shut or slow down.  No old flame merits the reward  of being called the one that got away.  It has taken this long to acknowledge that the past is nothing more than dust that is less significant than sand. My living will and trust engraved on a grain of rice. Memory is marked less by lost love or opportunity than it is by the quality of the afternoon light filtering through the drapes to leave an odd pattern on the eiderdown comforter as a make oak does a shadow dance with a bare leg that has come to rest at the edge of the sheets.  The wind’s whistling tune coupled with the knock at the door just as that hand grasped tightly to my chest.

That is what I  remember, not the name of the owners of either hand.


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