Deconstructing the Ant Farm

Jordan Road

So many cloistered eccentrics in the urban mosaic.  That first trip to Hong Kong felt so familiar. It let as if Aunt Coco would comes strolling down Nathan Road at any moment to have dumplings and Earl Grey tea.  And so too was the initial voyage to Montevideo and Quito that both recalled past tours of Turin an Bilbao.Certain lives lived in towers and a sense of self and home sandwiched by lives below, above, besides, and behind.

Ant Farm

The sound of traffic a meditative river as were even the voice of strangers below — an ant farm observed and appreciated through a protective child of a wall of glass as they went about the business of their day, voices arguing but mostly conversing, setting dates of events or dissecting conversation of others earlier in the day.  So many conversation are not discussions in and of themselves but the deconstruction or previews of what might be.  They built a mall in Kathmadu, complete with a skating court it is rumored.  A figure eight etched in ice in the shadow of the Annapurna, circles and mirrors of its peaks.

Kathmandu Mall


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