The Bird Behind the Mirror


You never know who you might meet in the Hall of Mirrors.  Do you trust the integrity of the reflections?  Have you not encountered the ones from fun houses and midways that send back a widened or distorted image?  A mirror is not always a representation of reality, and you may be a puppet in this hall of reflections.

Are you sure that any of those figures dancing in the glass are you?what if it is clear glass with mocking puppets and parrots on the other side.  The chattering taunts of a bird that can first clone your voice and then your visage.  If you see your reflection flying out the window, then you know you have been duped.  A trip to Versailles is always a reminder that what we once railed against will ultimately be revered.  women wept when Marie Antoinette appeared on the stand at her trial.  Too late, but her legend was already being set.  Crude marionettes playing her decadence in tiny box theaters on the streets just months earlier were now being used as kindling.  Now she was just a mousy little woman in a sack dress.  The snake had shed its skin but had not escaped.


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