Magpie Tale: No Masks at the Chaos Ball

helen ward


This edition of the Magpie Tale is a reminder that it’s not always best to be the belle of the ball.

The guest list for the Chaos Banquet and Ball was the antithesis of its title — a study of control and order.  Only the most elite were invited, and they were allowed admittance on the condition of solving the cryptic anagram of Venus in Spurs.

A Kaleidoscope of Kaos, the opening speaker promised, and the well orchestrated events that followed fooled even the most perceptive attendee to believe that all was spontaneous and random.  Some would say that they longed to have the ability of rodents to live in the moment, but a fearful eye on the future might have been helpful to inform them that they would be on the menu of the banquet that would soon follow.

Fear, it has been said, eats the soul and then the ghost of the soul consumes the shards of compassion and empathy.  Fear, however, can also be a handy aid to avoid calamity and doom.  Depression, it has also been said, is rooted in an obsession with the past.   Depression is rarely honored as a tool for cooling down the system that has been hyped up on vacuous hope that leads the happy into the piercing abyss.  The depressed weasel that was not allowed admittance to the ball is crying himself to sleep, but unlike his comrades reveling at the ball will wake up the next day to glorious cobalt blue skies and a nutritious breakfast of grass, nuts, and grains. His depression is now taking its own rest in the past until he needs to call on it again.  The most useful helpers rarely come with smiles and pastel colored muffins to lure one into their beneficial spells.


One response to “Magpie Tale: No Masks at the Chaos Ball

  1. Very interesting. I never really thought about depression being connected to an obsession with the past…

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