They Left Treasure Somewhere

Last night while you were asleep

Last night while you were asleep, three visitors came in rapid succession.  Distant cousins of the tooth fairy, they removed one item each that is no longer of value to you and replaced each one with a prize of great providence.  There is an ornate date stamp on the bottom of each one with the details of its provenance.  It is your duty to discover where these items were place.  It may not be inside of your residence.  As you sip your morning tea and eat those two thin rice wafers that you allow yourself for breakfast, try to visualize what useless entities were removed last night.  What is it that has least served you this week.

It may be so useless that it will take a while to visualize what had been festering away in your household.  Had you been more mindful you might have left a token of appreciation for your visitors, like cocoa and cookies for Santa, though his diabetes now makes those more symbolic gifts of gratitude and not something he will consume but will tap with his pinky to indicate his gratitude.  Now your thoughts may be consumed all day by your lack of consideration for the visitors who may return but with less altruistic inept the next time.


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