Cutting Up with Color

Red in the face

Earlier this month, I attended a collage class hosted by April Waters of The Hipster Home at the Make Shift Society.  I’d actually signed up for it a time or two before but had conflicts that prevented me from attending.

April gave each of us around a prompt that we drew from an envelope around the night’s theme — Color.  I drew “Red in the face” which inspired the above creation.   It was sort of like the Magpie Tales approach, only for collage not writing. April was even so resourceful to provide theme music to inspire us — Purple Rain, Woman in Red, Little Red Corvette, etc.

Though I have done tons of collages before it was helpful to be surrounded by creative types who all had great ideas.   Often I tend to dismiss collage as being just a “craft”, but I came away newly inspired and rethinking about what and how I will do future ones.


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