Magpie Tale: The World Got in the Way

Andy Magee

Pre-holiday Magpie Tale

So far down the road of this 1/3rd life with so many poems, prayers, passions and plays postponed.

The world keeps getting in the way.

Significant otters and wistful whales all pt on hold.  All those Khmer words that will likely never be learned.  As likely as hiking on Pluto.

Best attempts to be a creator and not a consumer foiled by so many things to consume and to be consumed by.  Such reckless restraint in the piranha pool of so much painful pleasure.

A spider crack on the hull of the universe beckons as an escape route, only to find it has been sewn up by Cleopatra’s Needle.

Ganesh crushing thoughts while using a mouse as a vehicle.  The smallest form of transport ever the most reliable.  Think small and try to escape at this time when the universe has been extracted and compressed to the size of an annoying gnat hungering for attention.


10 responses to “Magpie Tale: The World Got in the Way

  1. A spider crack on the hull of the universe. So you noticed that too? 🙂

  2. Yes, brilliant. And watch out for stubbed toes!

  3. Be a creator not a consumer … love it!!!

  4. Hmmm… you’ve shed a whole new light on Ganesh for me!

  5. Great title – all those items to consume and be consumed by do tend to make the world get in the way!

  6. …very keen observation on the spider.. and a very nice end to this… enjoyed it… smiles..

  7. Love this and significant otters made me smile. Tis so much more fun to be a creator than a consumer and you create pretty damn well!

    Will look out for the spider crack.

    Anna :o]

  8. compressed into this a universe of feeling that are ready to burst out

  9. Love significant otters…

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